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Triple pane windows added to Seattle high-performance homes

Triple pane windows added to Seattle high-performance home

Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose has selected to use Ply Gem’s Pro-Series triple-pane windows for their newest collection of City Cabins at Indian Wall in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood. About Ply Gem Ply Gem Windows has always had a clear vision for the future.  For years, builders, architects, and consumers have chosen Ply Gem Windows for more than their beauty. They have come to rely on our products for their durability, low-maintenance and improved energy efficiency. ……ply Gem white papers

The new City Cabins at Indian Wall are scheduled for an early 2015 completion for more information contact Adrian Willanger @206 909-7536.   Sign up on our mailing list to get Indian Wall updates!

America’s Home, City Cabins

north side

America’s Homes, City Cabins

When award winning green home builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, started the planning process for their newest collection of high-performance homes in Seattle’s Licton Springs a few things were extremely important to focus on in the planning stage; future proofing and affordability.

Rose, primarily a spec-home-builder, is continually challenged with keeping the cost inline when building high-performance homes without sacrificing the quality and energy efficiency they’ve become known for. Waste reduction, building efficiency and experienced construction workers help reduce some of the construction and material cost that can easily escalate quickly if you aren’t keeping a close watch. Their newest groups of high-performance homes, City Cabins™, are a unique blend of traditional exteriors with Restoration Hardware type interior finishes.  Utilizing materials, equipment, appliances and building science to deliver homes that will function well into the future saving the homeowners on utility and maintenance costs.

The next-gen City Cabins homes in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood  are currently under construction and are scheduled for release in early 2015. For more information visit or contact Adrian Willanger @ 206 909-7536.

Want to know more about the new High-Performance City Cabins

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     Want to know more about the new High-Performance City Cabins 

Stay updated on all the happenings,events and pre-sale information for  Martha Rose’s latest high-performance City Cabins in Seattle’s well connected Licton Springs neighborhood.  The two high-performance homes are due for release in early 2015.

Seattle's newest high-performance homes

City Cabins Advance Wall Framing

advance wall framing at City Cabins

Illustration credit: DOE Office of Building Technology

City Cabins Advance Framing

Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose’s latest City Cabins located in the Licton Springs neighborhood are quickly approaching lock up stage.

Rose who builds very energy efficient homes believes in utilizing integrated building and design techniques that will help reduce the amount and size of heating and cooling system needed for their new City Cabin homes.  Starting with the insulated slab foundation followed by the advance framing techniques used in all of their new homes.

High-performance City CabinsAdvance framing refers to a range of framing techniques designed to reduce the amount of wood used and waste generated in the building process.  Advance framing helps improve energy efficiencies by replacing the lumber with insulation material reducing thermal bridging and adding to the interior comfort of the homes.

The exterior wall systems are part of the integrated design process that helps to keep out moisture and wind, and greatly reduces the need for large heating and cooling components, increasing indoor thermal comfort by reducing drafts and overall utility costs.

The new high-performance City Cabins will be available in early 2015. For more information contact Adrian Willanger @ 206 909-7536 Contact Adrian Willanger

NAHB Green Awards

NAHB  Green awards The 2014 NAHB Green Building Advocate of the Year Winners In 2014, the NAHB Green Awards were presented in five categories, including Green Building Advocate of the Year. The Green Advocate award honors those groups and individuals who have demonstrated unique dedication to informing and inspiring others on the benefits of green building for homeowners and for the planet.

Martha Rose The 2014 NAHB Green Building Advocate of the Year Winners Advocate Builder Winner: Martha Rose, Martha Rose Construction, Inc., Seattle, Washington.
City Cabins The 2014 NAHB Green Building Advocate of the Year Winners

Martha Rose Construction builds green high-performance homes; their goal is to help builders achieve a zero-net energy use home that is competitively priced in the market place. For many years, Martha has been holding on site and off site educational sessions to teach people about green building features and the benefits .

Martha said, ” When it comes to marketing the value of energy efficient and healthy homes, education is probably one of our greatest tools. I am honored and humbled by this award that acknowledges the effort I have put into teaching about sustainability.”

City Cabins 3.0

High-performance homes in Seattle gets pervious pavement

High-performance homes in Seattle get pervious pavement

Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose, President of Martha Rose Construction, Inc.,  has fully embraced low-impact development (LID) strategies when developing the new collection of City Cabin®  homes at Indian Wall.  The high-performance homes being built in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood is being designed and built to capture stormwater run off before it gets back into the local water ways.

One component of our stormwater infrastructure is pervious concrete which allows the rain water to drain through and get purified by the rock underneath. The crushed rock basin under the road also holds the rain water until the ground has a chance to absorb it. In this video, one can see the process of pouring this concrete mix that ends up looking like rice crackers. Two people handle the bunion, which is a spinning screed that levels off the surface. Immediately after pouring, plastic is put over it for two or more weeks to allow proper curing.

Another of Rose’s sustainable building practices that helps promote better stormwater management is adding green roofs and rain barrels to each of their new City Cabin homes.

For more information regarding the new high-performance City Cabin homes contact Adrian Willanger  @ 206 909-7536.

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The Art of Demolition

The Art of Demolition

Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, Inc., has made it a habit to carefully deconstruct any structure that is on any of the building sites she purchases.  Rose’s latest site Indian Wall where a 1960 duplex was deconstructed making way for two new high-performance homes will be built was dismantled board by board and nail by nail.  The job of dismantling an old structure is dirty and difficult at best and one can only imagine is it worth the extra effort?

2x4 stack IIUndoubtedly it would be easier to bulldoze and haul off to the recycling center.  What would be missed is the reclaimed old growth Douglas fir 2x6s and 2x10s that are far superior to the Hemlock fir lumber you typically find at today’s job sites.   The shiplap siding that was carefully removed will be up-cycled into finish wood in the new homes that will occupy the site.  The dimensional framing lumber will be re-used as framing for the new high-performance homes.

Framing for the two new homes, located just north of Seattle’s Green Lake area,2x6 stack II will begin in August 2014. For more information regarding the newest collection of City Cabin homes at Indian Wall contact Adrian Willanger @ 206 909-7536.

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High-performance Seattle homebuilder chooses to deconstruct

deconstruction Indian Wall


High-performance Seattle homebuilder chooses to deconstruct

Seattle homebuilder Martha Rose, President of Martha Rose construction, when possible chooses to deconstruct and recycle existing structure on a building site as opposed to the standard demolishing and hauling away.

Rose has been building high-performance green homes in the Seattle market since the inception of the King and Snohomish County Built Green program over 10 years ago.  Recycling and using material with recycle content is a large part of green building.

Much of the dimensional lumber from the deconstruction of the side-by-side duplex that occupied the site since the early 1950 will be reused in framing the new high-performance City Cabin homes that will be constructed on the site.  Construction on the new City Cabin homes will begin in late May or early June 2014. For more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536/

Seattle high performance builder builds a “pretty good house”

Seattle high performance builder builds a “pretty good house”

Over the last five years we’ve seen somewhat of a market transformation in home building in the Seattle area.  Increased demand for energy efficiency and healthy homes that are LEED, Energy Star, Passivhaus or Built Green certified are in demand.

Many builders are still building what sells and aren’t going the extra distance to make their homes sustainably better.  High-performance home builder Martha Rose, President of Martha Rose Construction Inc., has been building multi-certified high performance homes ever since the rating systems were established.

All of Rose’s high-performance homes are independently third party verified making sure they live up to their claims.  Many builders are tired or don’t want to go through the rigors of the certification process.  They just want to build a pretty good house.  This is the new concept that could be the next big thing in home building.

The Pretty Good House conception started in Maine by a group of home energy professionals who meet monthly to come up with some of the guidelines and ideas of what a Pretty Good House would look like.

Rose designs and builds her homes for conditions found in a Marine climate found in the Pacific Northwest.  Beginning with an integrated design concept and a very specific site plan dealing with erosion, tree protection, orientation and stormwater control, and any other site related issues.

Many of this design- built systems used by Rose are found in some of the principles of a Pretty Good House building model.   Such as:

  • Energy modeling for home’s projected energy consumption
  • Complete and continuous building envelope, minimal air leakage
  • Blower door tested
  • Super insulated
  • Reduced thermal bridging
  • Local sourcing of materials and resource efficiency

These are just a few of the similarities that are found in Martha Rose’s high-performance homes and the Pretty Good Homes being built around the country.