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High performance City Cabin homes go Bosch

High performance City Cabin homes go Bosch


logoHigh-performance Seattle home-builder Martha Rose has elected to go with all Bosch appliances in her new collection of City Cabins™.  Rose believes that form, function and design are extremely important in the overall livability of a new home.

The decision to use Bosch appliances in the new high performance City Cabins™ was primarily based on Bosch’s sustainability goals and their overall eco-consciousness and commitment to the environment from a products concept to crate life-cycle which aligns with Rose’s values and commitment to energy efficiency.

The all electric City Cabins™ will be equipped with Bosch’s Energy Star line-up of: induction range, Boschdishwasher, hood-fan and washer and condensing dryer.

The new City Cabins™ will be released March 14, 2015. For more information regarding the high performance homes in Seattle’sLicton Springs neighborhood visit or contactAdrian Willanger 206 909-7536

City Cabins walking map

City Cabins at Indian Wall are a welcome respite from the dense urban landscape

City Cabins at Indian Wall are a welcome respite from the dense urban landscape


logoThe new high-performance City Cabins™ homes at Indian Wall in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood. The “softscape”   of the homes will be made up of drought tolerant native plantings around the two homes and on the green-roofs over the garages that have been designed and built to offer the home owners a planting and outdoor living area.

The high-performance green homes built by Martha Rose are truly next-gen housing being built with today’s homeowner in mind.  Rose is including a long list of features that are perfect solutions to enhance the occupant’s creature comforts and reduce yearly utility costs.  The super-insulated well sealed homes our partnered with a high-efficient heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) that supplies the homes with fresh -air into the living areas and bedrooms 24/7 while simultaneously exhausting the stale air.  New to the City Cabin™ lineup is the Enerjoy high efficient infrared radiant heating panel system.

The Enerjoy heating system has a unique heating management system.  Every bedroom and dayrooms of the new City Cabin™ homes have an individual thermostat that lets you manage heat in each room just like you manage lighting in each room.

The City Cabins™ concept was trademarked by homebuilder Martha Rose, president ofMartha Rose Construction; City Cabins™ are super energy efficient homes that are targeting Built Green’s 5-Star certification. The City Cabins™ trademark was first used in Washington in February 2011.

City Cabins™ at Indian Wall will be ready for sale in early 2015, for more information visit or Contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

City Cabins: Health, comfort and joy

High performance city cabins in Seattle


City Cabins: Health, comfort and joy

Martha Rose’s  newest high-performance City Cabins™  in Seattle are designed and built to be extremely energy efficient , healthy and comfortable to live in. Rose’s new homes have an extreme tight well sealed building envelope and an advance insulation package which help reduce the amount of pollutants that seep through.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks poor indoor air quality as one of the top five health risks in the U.S.  In a 2004 report by the EPA found that indoor pollutant levels may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels

Having tighter envelopes demands that the homes have a good well balanced air-ventilation system; the City Cabins™ are equipment with heat-recovery-ventilators which provide the home with a minimum of 5 complete air exchanges daily.  The exhausted interior air is exchanged with filtered incoming fresh air that is distributed throughout the home.

Creating a healthy indoor environment by improving a home’s air quality starts at the design and planning stages for the new high-performance City Cabins™.  Designed and built to keep moisture and pollutions out, selecting materials and finishes that don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are just a few of the strategies that go into the whole house building process.

The goal of the new City Cabins™ is to have a home that is comfortable and healthier to live in.

The City Cabins are scheduled for an early 2015 completion and are now available for pre-sales, for more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.


Green Business News From Around the Globe

Seattle high-performance homebuilder uses stealth countermeasures to conserve water

High-performance Seattle home builder Martha Rose is extremely serious when it comes to saving energy.  Her latest new City Cabins™ homes in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood are designed and built to save the homeowners on monthly utility charges.

The newest high-performance equipment added to the City Cabins™ is the Stealth toilet made by Niagara Conservation well known for their water conservation products.  The Stealth ultra-high-efficient toilet is in a league of their own with their .08 gallons per flush rating (GPF).  Low-toilets now save the average U.S. household (2.64 people) about 25 gallons per day, or more than 9,000 gallons per year (according to the book Water and Conservation by Amy Vickers).

Since 1995 building codes have mandated a maximum of 1.6 gpf volume the Stealth uses half the water of a 1.6 gpf toilet.

Rose’s City Cabins are filled with water saving features:  ultra-high-efficient Stealth toilets, low flow fixtures, short plumbing runs, exterior rain barrels and drought tolerant landscaping collectively working together to conserve our clean water resource.

The high-performance City Cabins are scheduled to be completed early 2015, for more information or pre-sales opportunities contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Seattle builder chooses to build it right and seal it tight

Build Tight Seal it  Right

Seattle builder chooses to build it right and seal it tight

Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose wants the homes she builds to be comfortable no matter where you’re in the home or what the weather is outside.  Her new City Cabins™ homes in the Licton Springs neighbor feature advance air sealing, properly installed insulation,  and high-performance windows and doors that work together to deliver increased indoor air comfort, better durability, reduced maintenance costs, and lower yearly utility bills.


Rose’s high performance City Cabins™ homes incorporate the use of exterior rigid-foam sheathing into the wall assembly and under the slab flooring adds an extra layer to building enclosure system, designed for moisture management, vapor, and energy transfer. Each exterior layer designed for a specific purpose; yet working together they provide an advantageous, long-term wall assembly that will aid in reducing long-term maintenance costs and increase the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the homes.


The new City Cabins™ utilize different types of insulation – including blown in formaldehyde free wall insulation, sprayed foam, fiberglass batts and rigid foam sheets go ensure that the home buyers will have a blanket of comfort around their new home.

The goal is to eliminate “hot or cold spots” within the home by minimizing air leakage to improve the homes thermal performance.

The high-performance City Cabins at Indian Wall are scheduled for an early 2015 release. For more information visit or contact Adrian Willanger 206 909—7536.

High-performance homes with a swagger

making of a high-per

High performance home-builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, Inc., embraces the concept of durability, functionality and the virtues of relaxing at home while spending less to maintain your new home.

Currently about 25% of new homes built in Seattle are Built Green, projected to reach 50% in the upcoming years, Rose’s newest homes, City Cabins in Seattle’s Licton Springs, are being built for higher indoor air quality, lower utility bills and incorporating smart sophisticated design features.

Smart features design features like strategically installing USB plug-ins, say bye-bye to the 3 prong outlets and welcome to the homes are ready for iPads, tablets and smart phones. Both of the new high-performance homes are wired for solar panels and car charging stations.

Technologically the homes offer a nice alternative to traditional building with high-efficiency appliances and equipment, all LED lighting, heat-recovery-ventilator, wired for electric charging stations and solar panels just to name some of the standard features that make up the new City Cabins.

The new high-performance homes in Seattle are scheduled for early 2015 release for more information or pre-sale opportunities contact Adrian Willanger  206 909-7536.

Behind the “Walls Tour”

High-performance home tour

Behind the “Walls Tour”

Saturday November 1, 2014 from 10 AM – 2 PM for the first and only behind the walls tour of her latest high-performance City Cabins at Indian Wall.  Attendees will learn first-hand the latest building science & technology and materials that are used to make these next-gen high performance homes more comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable.

Location: 92nd and Ashworth Ave N

Time: 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Date: Saturday November 1, 2014

Refreshments will be served

Remember to dress warmly this is a pre-drywall home tour.

For information on pre-sales contact Adrian Willanger

206 909-7536  |

“Behind The Walls Tour” in Seattle

“Behind the Walls Tour in Seattle

Join high-performance home builder Martha Rose Saturday November 1, 2014 from 10AM-2PM  for a “behind the Walls Tour” showcasing her latest City Cabins at Indian Wall.  Martha will be on hand to give tours and provide home buyers, building professionals and real estate  professionals what makes these homes special.



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